<div>Cindy Crawford Reveals the Glamour Tips She’s Learned From Look-Alike Daughter Kaia</div>

Cindy Crawford may have been getting her makeup done by the best of the best for decades — but she’s learning some of the best tips right at home. 

In a new interview with Byrdie, the 52-year-old supermodel and mother-of-two admitted she looks to her 16-year-old daughter, Kaia, for makeup inspiration. 

“This generation has such incredible access to tutorials on YouTube. Like, if she wants to learn how to do a cat eye or her brows, she just Googles it and finds out. And she’s not afraid to experiment. I admire that about her. And I kind of look at her to see trend-wise,” Crawford explained.

“Of course, being in fashion exposes me to what is happening, but seeing it on a daily basis with Kaia definitely inspires me too,” she continued. “Like she’ll put on a red lip, and I was never really a red-lip girl, but I’ll be like, hmm, maybe I should try that. Then I wipe it off. But at least I try it.”

Kaia helps her mom out in the Instagram department as well — even if Crawford doesn’t always understand her advice. 

“I definitely ask her her opinion on [Instagram] photos sometimes. Like is this good or not? But I remember in the beginning both my kids were like, ‘Mom, you use way too many hashtags—lose the hashtags.’ That was the one time where I really felt criticized by them,” Crawford revealed. “But it’s funny because we realize we’re speaking to a different audience. Some of Kaia’s captions, I’m like what does that even mean? She goes, ‘Oh, Mom, forget it.’ Like I don’t even understand her captions half the time, but meanwhile, she has more followers than me so she must be doing something right.”

While Crawford’s learning from her daughter, Kaia also takes a few tips from her mom. Find out what she told ET she would steal from her mom’s closet in the video below. 


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